I Love Science

By: Christiana Cha

“I love science,” I said. 
“You mean creation?” my friend responded.

I like to call it “the science of creation.” Yes, I believe in a creator God, and yes, I believe in science (you may read that the way Steven says it in Nacho Libre). I don’t think they are mutually exclusive. I think sometimes people get overly protective of their territory and try to rule out one or the other, but for me, it’s like a beautiful symbiotic relationship; science only convinces me more that a Creator God exists.

I could – and do – spend hours upon hours just sitting outside and watching the birds, the bees, and the plants around me (even though there seem to be less here in Texas than in Oregon!). It’s something that I find to be fascinating – how something as small as a bee can be so intricate is beyond me! Reading and knowing all the science behind bees only makes me more in awe that a Creator could have made something so detailed. They have pollen baskets, cute little antennae, long pointy tongues, little hairs all over their bodies, joints in their legs…and they eat nectar and puke it up as honey! I bet you really want some honey now that you know it’s bee puke…perhaps the tastiest vomit on earth!

I have been carefully tending a small garden and am constantly intrigued by the way that all I have to do is water them and they grow. Sunlight hits their leaves, chlorophyll does its work, I pour a few pitchers of water, and my plants – I call them my babies – produce more leaves and in some cases, flowers which will eventually become peppers and squash. Plants don’t go anywhere; they don’t forage, and they don’t hunt, and yet, they thrive in their native environments. One could say they were designed that way and be done with it, but I like to learn the science behind how it all ticks because then I can really appreciate the complexity of something seemingly as simple and ordinary as a leaf.

Science and Creation are, in my assessment, not the only non-mutually-exclusive things that we as people treat as incompatible. We have our biases, our preferences, our prejudices; a hundred years ago, interracial marriage was inconceivable, not to mention even using the same restroom as someone of a different ethnicity! Some of our prejudices are as weighty as questions of humanity and some more lighthearted like the combination of sweet and salty flavors (something I had to acquire with effort). It seems to me that all we need is a good smack to the back of our heads and a little open-mindedness or shift in perspective, and we can find how things work well together rather than bullheadedly assuming they could never exist on the same plane. Seeing science and creation as symbiotic partners has given me a greater appreciation for both individually; perhaps recognizing the beauty of the interwoven fabric of our lives can help us appreciate each other and the world around us better.

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