Jordan Bunch
Austin, Texas
Jordan is a disciple-maker and house church planter, although his favorite title is “Sara’s husband.” He also works as a wedding photographer. Jordan earned his B.A. and M.A. in Domestic Missions at Abilene Christian University. He loves writing blogs that ask difficult questions and make their reader rethink their own beliefs and practices as followers of the King. He has a deep passion for seeing the Church become everything She was meant to be, and thus created this website as a forum to spur on Christ’s Bride to live into Her true identity.

Laura Callarman
Abilene, Texas
Laura is a life-long student of the Kingdom of God — a job that didn’t end (thank goodness!) when she finished her MDiv Missions degree in the spring of 2013. She’s got a passion for living and learning on mission with God, witnessing to and embodying God’s redemptive good news by drawing out God’s best in herself, others, and the earth. As part of her mission in life and in the Kingdom, Laura enjoys theological reading and writing, sustainable gardening and food, DIY projects, and playing with her puppy, Sydney. Most of all, she loves spending time with her husband, Rosten, in serious dreaming about how the two of them can best embody God’s good news together! They’re currently contemplating a community-run farm and retreat center. They’d of course accept donations, but even more than that, they’d love to dream alongside you!

Steven B
Steven Brice
Brooklyn, New York
Steven was born and raised in the greatest city in the world, New York City. He is a New York Knicks and every other New York/East Coast team fan. He loves to preach play basketball, laugh and argue about why NYC is the best place in the world. Steven is married to the best woman in the world, Regina. He received a M.S. in Christian Counseling from Amberton University and is currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Abilene Christian University. He is a struggling sinner, saved by grace, trying to tell everyone about the Savior, Jesus. Steven has a deep passion for God, God’s Kingdom and God’s world. He believes that God is calling him, his family and the Agape community to plant a ministry in Philadelphia.

Brent Bailey
Houston, Texas
Brent spends his time writing, knitting, and exploring how the church can become the family Jesus intended it to be. He’s working on a Master of Divinity at Abilene Christian University, where he earned a B. A. in Biblical Text, and he’s part of a house church in Abilene. Brent is interested in making sure there’s room for people from all walks of life to feel at home in the family of God, especially with regards to sexual minorities. You can find more of his writing over at

Steve Holt Sr.
Abilene, Texas
Church is not working for most people on earth. Something’s wrong and getting worse. Yet, God seems to hold a lot of hope and expectations for his called out community. Steve’s passion is exploring why things are the way they are with church and how to make things better. Let’s explore together. Steve has been just about everything one can be in a church: teacher, preacher, evangelist, small groups leader, counselor, youth minister, family life director, missionary and janitor. He had to stop every few years and clear his mind, so he has also been a small business owner, airline agent and trainer, donut deliverer, long haul truck driver, crisis line advocate, waiter and more. Now, he is retired and working harder than ever writing editorials, books and blogs. His wife, Lynn, teaches high school math, and his two sons, daughter-in-law and grandson are great people.

Javan “Ki’Shon” Furlow
Little Rock, Arkansas
Javan Furlow was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and currently lives in Abilene, Tx. He is a hip hop artist, a poet, and, most importantly, a committed husband. He and his wife are currently in school at Abilene Christian University and are passionate about intentional community building, youth and children ministry, and inner-city outreach. He is passionate about seeing the freedom of Christ being brought through creative expressions. You can find out more about his music at

Janet Mendenhall
Abilene, Texas
Janet is a wife, mother of four sons and one daughter, trainer of Millie the dog, reluctant gardener, and enthusiastic neighbor lover. She works for a local faith-based, non-profit organization, Connecting Caring Communities, seeking neighborhood renewal. She is committed to walking alongside the folks in the Valley View neighborhood learning and loving, and building and nurturing healthy relationships, restoring a sense of abundance in that community. She is a firm believer that everyone brings something to the table and that our world is richer when everyone is invited and welcomed there.

Brian Scott
Gallatin, Tennessee
Brian is an artist who grew up in middle Tennessee. He enjoys working in several different mediums [drawing, painting, sculpture…] and perceives the power and responsibility of being an artisan as a gift from the Spirit of Creation. While working towards a bachelor’s in fine art in Tennessee, storytelling became a primary focus of his artwork and that focus was recently reaffirmed during his time studying missions at Abilene Christian University. He married his wife Tulisha during his time in Abilene. They are now back in Tennessee. Some of his current theological influences/interests include: a] Understanding our god as the Ancient One — the god of wisdom, and the first ancestor of humanity — AND — The Importance of Ethnic Identity: concerning human solidarity and the divine family of nations, concerning the Messiah and his Hebrew people, concerning the “rise”,”triumph”, and “development” of the United States, concerning the broader history and the future redemption of the entire church.

Pat Bills
Dallas, Texas
Pat is the Lead Minister for the Highland Oaks church in Dallas. By working in close relationship with the shepherd group and ministry staff, Pat’s hope is to become a
pastor-teacher who embodies a bold vision for God’s dream at the Highland Oaks Church. Pat is most passionate about inviting people to live into the story imagined in scripture. Through authentic and transparent communication, Pat’s longing is for the church is to be captured by the story of Jesus and ultimately challenged to live into the missio dei. Above all, he hopes to lead others in discovering what it means to love justice, be merciful, and walk in humility. Though Pat’s passion is in his communication, his message is never separated from his love of people. He believes wholeheartedly, “The best preaching is incarnational preaching.” Pat is deeply devoted to his family. Pat’s family consists of his wife Deborah and four beautiful boys, Joshua, Caleb, Daniel, and Andrew. Pat also enjoys, watching movies, collecting root beer bottles, wrestling with his sons, and going out with his wife. In addition, his spiritual gifts include eating his wife’s homemade pies and drinking Sun-Drop. Pat holds degrees in ministry from Harding University and Lipscomb University and plans to enter the D.Min. program through the Hazelip School of Theology at David Lipsomb University in the summer of 2013.

Christiana Cha
Portland, Oregon
Christiana is a cultural and linguistic hodge-podge from Portland, Oregon, working on a Master of Arts in Global Service at Abilene Christian University and with a bachelor’s degree from Pepperdine University in French Language and Literature. Having spent time in several different cultures, she is passionate about uniting commonalities as well as the beauty of unique qualities that set apart people groups and belief systems. She loves and finds God in food/cooking, nature, sports, and the arts.


David Ian Singer (Editorial Graphic Designer)
Austin, Texas
David is a designer who likes to do good work for people who do good work.  He received a BFA in Graphic Design from Abilene Christian University where he took courses including branding, typography, packaging and interactive design. In the little free time he has, David enjoys cycling, documentaries, new recipes and rearranging furniture. He is a known consumer of late twentieth-century hip-hop, aesthetically pleasing short films and books about the way our brains work. Beautiful things are his creative, spiritual and emotional output.

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