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Pound Cake

By: Javan Furlow

The Life and Times of Javan Furlow

Sharing our stories is an incredible way to learn and grow deeper into the values of the Kingdom of God.  This is the story of one of our Neo-Restorationists, Javan Furlow

Blind Eyes

By: Javan Furlow

This is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists. An interesting, introspective look into a well-known parable and how it may apply in our lives today. Without giving much away, the song is creative and emotionally captivating. Enjoy the song “Blind Eyes” by Swoope


The Liberation (Free CD Download)

The Liberation Cover2By:  Javan “Ki’Shon” Furlow

As I am excited for my first blog as a neo-restorationist, I feel the need to start by acknowledging my brokenness, incapability and imperfection as a human. If anything that I post is felt as offensive or if someone simply disagrees, I apologize in advance, and I understand that my view isn’t equal to the King’s view. As for this post,  I feel the need to direct readers to my author bio for background information on myself, and a reference for this post. As my bio mentions, I am a hip hop artist, but most people are probably unfamiliar with what that consists of. As a person who considers himself a Christ follower and who is surrounded by a majority of middle-class, white Americans, when people around me hear the terms “Hip-hop” and “Rap,” they usually they think on a spectrum starting from the “Champagne bottle-popping, woman insulting, pants-sagging, gangster from the hood” to those who are more familiar with the Christian rap genre of “bible verses in rhyme.” While I believe there are variables from each end of the spectrum that can be valued, I’d like to believe that my music falls somewhere in the middle. A full breakdown of what hip-hop means to me is most likely coming in the future, but for now I’d like to use this specific post to discuss a project that I have recently released, titled “The Liberation EP.”

Growing up as a smart kid in the inner-city, I was able to see a large spectrum of life. I’ve grown up in mostly monetarily poor, high crime-rated areas , but I’ve also been able to attend schools and make friends with people who are monetarily rich and live in low crime-rated areas. Although our worlds are miles apart, the one thing that is universal is that our cultural societies bind us from being able to truly experience freedom. Whether it  is gang-influence or consumerism, Jesus is the liberator who brings freedom in the hearts of men and women. This five song EP provides social commentary on a small aspect of this bondage,  from my perspective as a kid who has experienced my spectrum of life events. It’s my thoughts on life as I have lived it.

This is an urban art form, filled with creativity, musicianship, and the natural coolness granted to urban arts (probably biased). The amazing thing about the body of Christ is that our diversity only superimposes our harmony when each instrument can be heard. I encourage people (even those who don’t consider themselves hip-hop fans) to take a listen. I guarantee it’ll defy most stereotypes and preconceived notions. The page link is at the bottom, where you can either stream or download it (or both), and if I didn’t mention this before, IT’S FREE. I hope you enjoy “The Liberation EP” as it is filled with passion, creativity, authenticity, and the instrumentation that was produced by Joshua B, Ross.

Download “The Liberation EP” CD for free.